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StayFold Testimonials

For over three years we didn’t think we could have panels in our great room because of two problems, the first being that the panels would be located directly over the floor air vents, the second being that I wanted 10-foot long tone on tone striped panels.  I knew the panels would roll and the stripes wouldn’t hang perfectly straight.

The StayFold solved both problems.  I couldn’t be happier!!  The striped panels hang perfectly straight up and down and never move when the air goes on.  We now feel the room is finally warmed up with the addition of the panels.

Thank you Mark and Heather for inventing the StayFold!!

Norma Bozarth, Williamsburg, Virginia


As an Interior Designer who has been working in this field for 30 years, I am not exaggerating when I say that the StayFold drapery pleat system is the most time saving and needed invention that I have ever come across. It always went against my detail-oriented personality to leave an installation where the drapery panels did not look their best. The best we could do is tell the clients to have patience while the draperies "hung out", or we would dress them and leave them "tied".

I am so happy to have found StayFold. I can leave the installation knowing that the final product will ALWAYS look its best. The cost is minimal and I always add it in when pricing the panels. Peace of mind is priceless.

The customer service is simply the best! Easy to install, economical and the true answer to a beautiful drapery panel. I am sold!

Darla Hornberger, Interior Designer, Newport News, VA


Rex and I have 64 years of combined real estate and custom building experience.  Many hours have been spent at open homes and model homes adjusting furnishings.  The cleaning staff and the curious public make adjusting drapery panels a never-ending chore, but never again. The StayFold system saves time and makes the prefect presentation at a minimum cost.

Patti Walker
Rex and Patti Walker
Realty Inc. / Realty Builders, Inc., Williamsburg VA


Dick and I want to thank you both for making our home a real showcase. The window treatments you made for us have really accented our woodwork and furniture. Just beautiful! I can't get over the way our 12 foot panels in our formal sitting room seem to be right out of a design studio. The 4 panels hang perfectly with the use of your "StayFold" product with the all the pleats laying perfectly throughout the length of the panel. Actually haven't seen anything like it.

Karen Sager, Buffalo NY


Thanks for introducing us to StayFold. They worked extremely well on our clipped panels made of heavy upholstery material. Before the StayFold, the panels were very dissappointing the way they hung. With StayFold, the panels look great. The panel folds are neat at the top all the way to the bottom. We found StayFolds are needed at both the top and bottom of the clipped panels. The top StayFold was attached just below the top hem and the bottom StayFold was attached per your instructions. Also, the StayFolds and ring/clips were added to the panels before the panels were hung on the rods. Seven clips are needed for five folds (two clips for each end fold and one clip apiece for the interior folds). Adding the StayFolds and ring/clips prior to hanging the panels worked much better than trying to add StayFolds to the clipped panels already hung from the rods. Small additonal pieces of StayFold tape were used to better afix the StayFolds to the panels. Otherwise, the StayFolds easily slipped out of the tape when the panels were moved and hung on the rods. After a day, the StayFolds "trained" the upholstery material with attractive folds. Thanks again for introducing us to StayFold which, at low cost, simply solved our window decoration challenge. Your website and instore instructions were invaluable. StayFold is an extremely clever invention!

Dennis and Marie Fleming, Williamsburg VA

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