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Professional Looking Panels in Three Easy Steps

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Stayfold Instructions Williamsburg,VA from Smellycat Productions LLC on Vimeo.

Press play to view installation video, length 2:44

Step 1:  Apply the Self Adhesive Pocket Tape to the Back of the Panel
Lay panel face side down making bottom flat and straight. With the arrow pointing upward on the tape, start peeling back about 5” – 6 “of the protective liner to expose the adhesive (See illustration 1). Begin applying the tape at one side of the panel approximately ¼” from the end and approximately ½” from bottom.  Press tape firmly to panel as you move across to the other side (See illustration 2). Cut off excess tape with scissors as shown in illustration 3. 

Note: If this is a lined panel, ensure that your face fabric and lining together are straight and flat before applying the pocket tape.


Illustration 1


Illustration 2


Illustration 3

Step 2:  Mark the Pockets
Measure the width of your panel.  If you are using a 6 Fold, divide the panel width by 6. For an example:  If your panel measures 52-½” wide, divide 52 ½ by 6 which equals 8 ¾”. Therefore, mark the pocket closest to every 8 ¾” inches beginning from one end to the other (See illustration 4). If you are using a 5 Fold, divide your measurement by 5. For an example:  If your panel measures 50”, divide 50 by 5, which equals 10. You would then mark your pockets every 10”. Note: If panels are custom made, the return and overlap sizes vary and therefore, marking the pockets may not be necessary prior to the installation of the StayFold itself.

After marking your pockets, hang your panel.

illustration 04

Illustration 4

Step 3: Attaching the StayFold to form your panels
Place the StayFold behind the top of the panel. See illustration 5. Begin forming your folds by pushing equal amounts of fabric into the shape of the StayFold (See illustration 6).

illusration 05

Illustration 5

illusration 06

Illustration 6

illustration 07

Illustration 7

illustration 08

Illustration 8

Using the StayFold, continue this forming technique, until you near the bottom of the panel.  See illustration 7. With the fabric pushed into the form of the StayFold, turn the panel around 180 degrees to view the back of the panel and begin inserting the back legs into the marked pockets one leg at a time (See illustration 8).  The two side legs will be inserted last into an available unmarked pocket near the ends of the panel (See illustration 9). Turn panel back around and finish dressing.

illustration 09

Illustration 9

illusration 10

Illustration 10

Note: If your panel shows any signs of flaring outward in the center, or the panel is located near a door, you may wish to use the pre-molded hold downs. The provided Velcro in your package can be applied to these hold downs to affix the StayFold to the baseboard (See illustration 10).  A gentle tug downward on the sides of the StayFold prior to affixing the Velcro to the baseboard may be necessary to give you an overall uniform look

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